Stuart Energy wants to bring you hydrogen

Publish date: August 31, 2000

During a few August days the Canadian company Stuart Energy entered into two important agreements. Stuart Energy is evolving hydrogen-fueling equipment for the next generation car.

Within few years the hydrogen car is to be produced in batches. By that time there are a lot of related products also having to be fully developed. The Canadian company Stuart Energy Systems Corporations is working with hydrogen fueling equipment for the coming filling stations.

On August 22nd Stuart Energy announced to have entered into a joint venture with Cheung Kong Infrastructure Limited (CKI) of Hong Kong. The purpose of the new entity is to distribute Stuart products and enable CKI to implement a hydrogen fuel infrastructure for the coming generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the territory of AustralAsia. The two companies are to channel all their hydrogen and fuel cell related activity in AustralAsia through their new joint venture, Stuart CKI Corporation. Stuart Energy will hold 60 % and CKI 40 %.

On August 24th Stuart Energy and Ford Motor Company published a new joint project. During the next two-year period Ford is to test and evaluate the new fueling equipment of Stuart Energy. Ford will receive the first units this year. The aim of the project is to gain valuable experiences helping in the evolution of better equipment. The first collaboration of the two companies was in 1995 when Stuart Energy was asked by Ford to assist them during the evaluation of a hydrogen based infrastructure. (Source: HyWeb)

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