Norway and USA likely to be Shtokman partners

Publish date: March 30, 2006

Among all the perspective partners of the Shtokman project Gazprom is most probably to choose a Norwegian consortium, consisting of Statoil and Norsk Hydro, and American consortium, consisting of Chevron and ConocoPhillips.

This means that the French Total is out of tender, which results are to be announced on April 12. “Norwegians, as well as Americans can make an agreement with Gazprom and unite in an alliance. These two consortiums are the most probable winners, so they will share 49% share of the project”, Regnum reported with a reference to its source. According to this source, no one works better on arctic shelf than Norwegian companies. Americans have huge capacities concerning regasification of liquid gas and markets of natural gas.

On a meeting between The Russian Prime Minister Fradkov and a Chief manager of Statoil Helge Lund, held in Norway on March 28, Lund said that “Knowledge and experience of our countries have a key role in finding complicated solutions in severe conditions of arctic seas”. Norway and Norwegian companies have high technologies and industrial experience for safe, effective and economically profitable development of the Barents Sea resources.

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