Russia and Poland to fight together against oil pollution in Baltic Sea

Publish date: April 11, 2006

The Russian Transport Ministry has developed a draft agreement on cooperation between Russian and Poland Governments in fighting against oil pollution and other contamination in the Baltic Sea.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed over a similar Polish draft agreement to the Russian Transport Ministry. The Polish part suggests to start experts negotiations.

In 1974 the countries of Baltic Region signed the convention on Baltic protection, OilCapital informs. The Helsinki Convention obliges the countries-participants to develop and implement a system of the measures for prevention and elimination of pollutions, coming to the Baltic Sea from various sources. Russia joint this Convention in 1998 and accepted obligations to protect ecosystems from pollution and degradation. The country has to implement these obligations in the Northwest Federal District, and first of all in Kaliningrad region.

The International Maritime Organization announced Baltic region to be the environmentally fragile marine area in April, 2004. Such status means that all ships have to be more careful while navigating in the Baltic Sea.

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