Gazprom to build about five floating facilities by 2010

Publish date: May 12, 2006

According to chief director of Gazflot (continental shelf operator of Gazprom) Alexander Mandel, Gazprom intends to build about five floating facilities by 2010.

This construction is to be implemented in the frames of the Gazprom’s program on construction of special floating objects.

Gazprom plans to build 20-30 floating objects of various classes, including oil and gas tankers. “Today we need new technology and new equipment. There is no need to construct stationary platforms, as they are to be replaced by submerged technical equipment” the chief director said. There are special submerged technologies in the world, which let implement technologically safe works, RusEnergy reported.

According to Mandel, such equipment can work for 20 years without problems and eliminate “the human factor”.

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