Gazprom to start development of Bovaneyskoe field in 2011

Publish date: October 9, 2006

Gazprom will put in operation Bovaneyskoe oil and gas condensate field on Yamal Peninsular in the third season of 2011.

In January 2002 Gazprom defined Yamal Peninsular to be a region of strategic interests of the company. Industrial development of fields, located on the Peninsular will let increase gas production to 250 billion cubic metres a year. Yamal Peninsular is of great importance for providing a growth of gas production, RusEnergy informs.

There are 11 gas and 15 oil and gas condensate fields on Yamal Peninsular. Investigated reserves of the fields stand for 10.4 billion cubic metres: 228.3 million tons of condensate and 291.8 million tons of oil.

Projected volume of gas production of the Bovaneyskoe field is 115 billion cubic metres a year. Long-perspective volume of gas production is to be increased by 140 billion cubic metres a year.

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