Wind power parks planned for Kola Peninsula

Publish date: March 4, 2008

MURMANSK- A wind power park could be in the offing for the Kola Peninsula in Northwest Russia near Murmansk, according to the Russian national weekly Argumenty i Fakty.

The Dutch Firms Windlife Energy and EcoFys have both asserted their interest in taking part in the project in a meeting with Murmansk Regional Governor Yury Yevdokimov, the paper reported.

According to Yevdokimov, research conducted by Dutch scientists on the Kola Peninsula indicate that the energy potential of area winds are sufficient to be harnessed with the construction wind parks that would produce some 2,000 megawatts of power, the weekly said.

The first such installation could be built near the village of Tereberka, where state gas and oil giant Gazprom has already begun this winder the construction of a gas condensing station for gas that is to be pumped from the offshore Shtokaman oilfeild. The installation would produce some 200 megawatts,

The nearness of Teriberka to four active hydroelecrtric stations which are planned to keep operational in conjunction with the prospective wind parks would allow the maximum possible return on the wind power parks, said Yevdokimov.

The local government is prepared to rent the land needed to get the first wind parks above the Arctic circle up and running. More talks with regional authorities and power suppliers are expected.

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