Bellona’s programme in Copenhagen Dec 10th

Publish date: December 9, 2009

Altogether 64 side events will be held in the Bellona Room at Bella Centre during the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Among today's events there will be a discussion on the future of algae as a source of food, fodder and fuel.

All open side events will be streamed live here, and can be found in the archive.

09.00-10.00: Press Briefing European Climate Foundation

10.00-11.30: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation. Cattle Ranching in the Brazilian Amazon

Co-host: NWF

11.45-12.45: Sustainable Cement

13.00-14.30: Go electric!

15.00-16.30: Algae – a new tool in the fight against global warming?

16.30-18.00: Carbon Cutting for Dummies

Co-host: Global Observatory

Read comprehensive presentations of all side events in the Bellona Room at Bella Centre in Copenhagen here.

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