Bellona’s programme today

Publish date: December 9, 2009

All open side events will be streamed live here, and can later be found in the video archive.

09.00-10.00: American and European Best Practices

Co-host: National Wildlife Federation

10.00-11.00: The C-ROADS Simulator and the Climate Interactive Scoreboard

11.30-13.00: REDD: Getting the safeguards right

Co-host: Rainforest Foundation Norway

14.00-15.00: Arctic Russia – the impact of Black Carbon

16.15-17.45: Biochar – delivering fast climate benefits?

18.00-19.30: Osmosis – Ocean energy for Europe

Co-host: Statkraft

Read comprehensive presentations of all side events in the Bellona Room at Bella Centre in Copenhagen here.

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