Bellona’s programme today

Publish date: December 9, 2009

Altogether 64 side events will be held in the Bellona Room at Bella Centre during the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Among today's events there will be a presentation on the latest research findings on soot emissions and its contribution to climate change in the Arctic.

All open side events will be streamed live here, and can later be found in the video archive.

09.00-10.00: American and European Best Practices

Co-host: National Wildlife Federation

10.00-11.00: The C-ROADS Simulator and the Climate Interactive Scoreboard

11.30-13.00: REDD: Getting the safeguards right

Co-host: Rainforest Foundation Norway

14.00-15.00: Arctic Russia – the impact of Black Carbon

16.15-17.45: Biochar – delivering fast climate benefits?

18.00-19.30: Osmosis – Ocean energy for Europe

Co-host: Statkraft

Read comprehensive presentations of all side events in the Bellona Room at Bella Centre in Copenhagen here.

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