Bellona launches Report on Zero Emissions Construction Sites at C40 Cities Summit

Publish date: October 9, 2019

During the first Pan-European market dialogue on ‘Clean Construction’ between public buyers and market players at the C40 Mayor Summit, Bellona released its new report on zero emission construction sites 

Although often overlooked, the global construction industry accounts for 23% of the world’s CO2 emissions across its entire supply chain. The report shows that operations on the construction site also contribute to air, noise and climate pollution, and notes that cities can play a significant role in addressing these impacts. Given expected population growth and the need to increase the rate of renovation, we must find a way to decarbonise construction site operations as quickly as possible. 

The report discusses the current market and policy advances in the sector as well as identifying the current policy gaps and challenges in addressing the emissions from various economic sectors.  

Five major benefits for the industry to switching to zero emission machinery are highlighted. Aside from environmental goals such as GHG emissions reduction and decrease of air pollution, economic and social advantages can be drawn by technological development and innovation.  

After having contributed to the realisation of the first ever Zero Emission Construction Site in Oslo, we present its case study and address a decalogue of good practices on how to make zero emission construction sites The report collates efforts from cities across Europe which have made progress in striving towards eliminating emissions in the sector 

As the report addresses the key role of public authorities in overcoming challenges through public procurement, we look forward to joining the Construction Dialogue during the C40 Mayor summits. The event will provide a setting for cities to promote the idea of reducing emissions from construction sites as well as allowing market players to express their concerns and showcase their latest technologies and solutions. Bellona will be present to support and facilitate the constructive dialogue between buyers and suppliers. 

The Zero Emissions Construction Sites report can be downloaded here.  

For more information on the decarbonisation of construction materials please refer to our earlier report ‘Industry’s Guide to Climate Action’. 

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