Open letter: Industry and civil society call on the European Commission to develop a comprehensive strategy for low-carbon products

Publish date: February 1, 2024

In light of the upcoming Industrial Carbon Management Strategy (ICMS),  industry and civil society today urges the European Commission to take bold steps towards fostering a thriving market for low-carbon products. This collective call emphasises the necessity of a holistic strategy and concrete policy initiatives targeting both the demand and supply sides to drive industrial decarbonisation and promote European green lead markets. 

The signatories advocate for specific measures within the ICMS framework to stimulate the low-carbon market, such as a strategic plan focusing on low-carbon products, science-based methodologies to assess embodied carbon accurately, and the inclusion of mandatory sustainability criteria in EU procurement rules. They also emphasise the need for private buyers’ alliances among European companies, rapid demand growth for green basic materials, and incentives for both upstream producers and downstream users of low-carbon products. 

Read the full letter below.  

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