Frederic Hauge

Frederic Hauge founded Bellona in 1986, at the age of twenty. Through academic work, legal action and non-violent activism, Bellona has changed the opinion and set the agenda on environmental issues in Norway for almost three decades. The work of the Bellona Foundation has led to concrete changes in environmental policy and awareness among political and business leaders, both in Norway and internationally. Hauge was in 2007 elected Vice Chairman of the European Commission's Technology Platform for CO2 sequestration (ZEP). The same year TIME Magazine named him "Hero of The Environment". In 2009 Frederic Hauge became a board member of the EU Biofuel Platform (EBTP), and he became one of the founding partners of the Sahara Forest Project. In 2010 he took a leading international role in exploring the possibilities of combining biomass and carbon capture and storage (CCS), through the creation of JointTaskForce. In 2011 he was asked to be one of the 12 personal advisors to the EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger on the extensive EU Energy Roadmap 2050. In 2012 Frederic Hauge launched the company Ocean Forest.