Bellona applauds election of new ZEP chair Eve Tamme

Publish date: January 23, 2023

The Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) chose Eve Tamme as its new Chair on Wednesday, 18 January 2023.

ZEP is the technical adviser to the EU on the deployment of CCS — a European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) under the Commission’s Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (SET-Plan). Bellona is one of its founding members and co-chair, helping ZEP develop its role as a bringer of needed expertise to set up the necessary regulatory and financing framework to develop CCS infrastructure at scale and where needed.

With her background in the Global CCS Institute, and her extensive work on CCS and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), Eve Tamme is a trusted thought leader in this field. Her network within the European policy-making field and her links with Eastern Europe will bring a new and broad horizon to the impact that ZEP can and should have on the deployment of CCS in all of Europe.

Eve Tamme will follow in the footsteps of the previous chair of ZEP, Graeme Sweeney, who sadly passed away last year. Graeme led the Platform through a key transition initiated by Bellona to refocus Europe’s CCS debate toward energy-intensive process industries, as well as laying the foundations for a science-based EU framework for carbon-dioxide removals. With her extensive experience and skillset, Eve is very well placed to build on this legacy and accelerate developments to enable Europe’s net zero ambitions. Bellona greatly looks forward to working with her and ZEP to that end.


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