This campaign builds upon Bellona’s ongoing efforts to promote a modern, clean, secure, and intelligent CCS infrastructure in Europe. Our previous TEN-E and TEN-T campaigns, conducted in partnership with the Clean Air Task Force, have played a crucial role in increasing awareness about CCS and highlighting the significance of a harmonised legal framework across the entire CCS value chain. These initiatives align with the European Green Deal’s objective of achieving climate neutrality.

What can you anticipate? The CCS campaign serves as a platform for Bellona and key stakeholders to disseminate information and enhance awareness. We will feature interviews with specialists in carbon capture and storage, provide easily digestible explainers, share engaging infographics, publish insightful articles, and organise events and workshops for policymakers, industry leaders, and environmental groups. Stay updated with this campaign to explore the potential of CCS and its contribution to meeting the EU’s emissions reduction targets.

The people involved

Lina Strandvåg Nagell (on leave)

Senior Manager Projects & EU Policy

Hanna Biro

Policy Advisor

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