Bursting Barriers for Solution Stories: How Industry is Growing Support for Climate Storytelling 

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Time and place

December 3, 2023

12.00 - 12:45 (UTC+04:00)

Bellona Foundation Pavillion, Zone B7/88, Blue Zone, COP28

Organised by Bellona, BAFTA, Futerra and Think-Film 

This panel looks at the impact of climate storytelling through TV and film and what more is needed to create more of it. Questions to be discussed:  

  • What climate storytelling already exists? 
  • What does the industry need to do to support more of these stories? 
  • How will these stories be financed and by who? 
  • What policy support and incentives can be provided by our governments? 


  • Carys Taylor, Director of Climate Content and Sustainability, BAFTA 
  • Emma Stewart, Netflix Sustainability Officer, Netflix 
  • Samata Pattinson, CEO, Black Pearl 
  • Nuseir Yassin, CEO, Nas Company