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Local authorities can showcase initiatives that can drive global change.

From the electrification of transport to the installation of carbon capture and storage at the city’s waste incinerator, Oslo is indeed one of the front-running cities in reaching net zero as soon as possible. 

In short:

  • Cities play a key role in paving the way for action at national and international levels. 

  • Key emitters in cities like waste incineration, construction, and transport all have implementable solutions to quickly decarbonise. 

  • The carbon footprint of cities’ built environment must account for both operational and embodied carbon. 

Working from experiences on the ground, where proofs of concept come to life, and scalability can be tested, it is indeed at local level that a large part of the impact on climate policy and decision-making can be had. For that reason, Bellona remains closely engaged with several cities, like Amsterdam (NL), or Copenhagen (DK), as well as Oslo (NO), to ensure efforts are effective and lessons can be escalated to higher levels of decision-making. 

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Irene Domínguez

Policy Advisor, Embodied Carbon

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Senior Manager

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