Evolving Perceptions: CCS and the Road to a Just Transition  

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Time and place

November 21, 2023



This event organised by Bellona Europa in the lead-up to the 2023 CCUS Forum by the European Commission, seeks to set the stage for CCS, evolving perceptions and the road to a just transition. The aim is that this event will contribute positively as a preparatory session to the Forum, and to conversations on the same topic taking place at the forum in Aalborg.

The topics of public perception and Just Transition and inherently linked when it comes to CCS. Understanding the technology, opportunities and challenges associated with CCS is crucial for large-scale deployment, and very often starts at the local level.  Further, CCS can bring significant benefits to a community through decarbonising local industrial activities, helping to generate acceptance and support for the deployment of the technologies. Such deployment benefits not just the climate but boosts job creation and the local economy.

The event will tackle the question of public perception of CCS, the importance of public engagement and how it can contribute to a just transition for the regions where harder-to-abate industries operate. We will discuss public engagement strategies that can facilitate successful cooperation between CCS project developers and local communities. Our speakers will discuss the plentiful factors that can influence public perception of CCS projects including distinct regional characteristics as well as best practices regarding public engagement around each element of the CCS value chain to generate public acceptance and support for the deployment of the technologies.

Finally, our panel will discuss how the European Commission should address the question of public perception in their upcoming Industrial Carbon Management Strategy in order to facilitate the Europe-wide large-scale deployment of CCS technologies in the harder-to-abate sector, especially those operating in just transition territories.