The Clash of Narratives: From Paper Straws to techno-heroes – Exploring Behaviour Change vs. System Change 

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Time and place

December 3, 2023

16:30 - 17:15 (UTC+04:00)

Bellona Foundation Pavillion, Zone B7/88, Blue Zone, COP28

Organised by Bellona, BAFTA, Futerra and Think-Film 

In a world of divisive and inaccurate narratives, public engagement and storytelling matters. Behaviour change versus techno-saviour, climate everything vs. implicit narratives. 

We’ll explore: 

  • How do we reflect the rich, grey middle grounds? 
  • How do we cut through disinformation? 
  • How do we engage the public on system change rather than plastic straws? 
  • What works with audiences? 


  • Solitaire Townsend, Co-Founder and Chief Solutionist, Futerra 
  • Will Ridgeon, Producer Director, BBC Studios 
  • Khadija Stewart, Founder, Ecovybz Environmental Creatives 
  • Thais Lazzeri, Founder at FALA; Creative and strategic director 
  • Renee Karunungan, Online Content Manager, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research