Bellona’s Roadmap 2024-2029

Climate infrastructure, science-based policy making and well-functioning markets for a net-zero

The 2024 European Elections will kick-off the new mandate of the next European Commission and Bellona Europa intends to continue being a trust-worthy, solution-oriented voice, outlining the path that needs to be taken by the next European Commission to continue on the path set out by the EU Green Deal.

This will only happen if the European institutions and national governments implement the right policies to support this change and make it beneficial for industry, workers, and, vitally, our climate.

In this Roadmap, Bellona Europa identifies three key crucial areas for the next Commission to prioritise and set out key recommendations on how to use the next EU cycle to further strive towards climate neutrality and beyond:
– Deployment of climate infrastructure
– Robust science-based policy-making
– Well-functioning market for a net-zero world

Alongside our Roadmap, we have also published a set of 5 recommendation papers on Industrial Decarbonisation, Energy Systems, Carbon Accounting, Embodied Carbon and Sustainable Economy.

Bellona’s 5 recommendations below:

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