Consultation Response – Sustainable aviation fuels – April 2020

On the 21st April we have shared our views on the European Commission initiative “Refuel Aviation”. The initiative is aimed to boost the supply and demand for sustainable aviation fuels in the EU, backing the idea that this will  reduce aviation’s environmental footprint and enable it to help achieve the EU’s climate targets.

Bellona Europa supports the introduction of a mandate for specific sustainable advanced fuels in the aviation sector only if the fuels in question have proven to provide a substantial greenhouse gas reduction. We believe that some principles  should be considered before the introduction of a mandate for a given fuel in the aviation sector.

Our response stresses out the importance to integrate key elements such as:

– Policy coherence
– Full lifecycle assessment
– Deployment potential at scale

when having to design sustainability criterias.

Find the full text and examples of sustainability criterias in our consultation response on the Commissions website or here as it follows:

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