Consultation Response: Renewable energy – Guidance on designating renewables acceleration areas – Have Your Say

Bellona welcomes the Commission’s initiative to provide guidance on designating renewable acceleration areas. This initiative holds immense potential in fast-tracking the deployment of renewable energy, crucial for meeting our EU targets. 

Renewables are key to our energy transition, offering local production and enhancing energy security by reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels. However, we must ensure environmental protection alongside this progress. 

Hence, it’s vital to designate areas with low environmental risks, reducing investment uncertainties and fostering community engagement. 

A holistic approach is essential, considering environmental, societal, and infrastructural factors. Grid infrastructure is pivotal for the success of acceleration areas. Without it, the potential of wind and solar projects could be limited. Therefore, alongside designating areas, we must focus on building necessary grid and storage infrastructure. 

By taking an approach that considers the deployment of renewable energy, the integration of grid systems, and environmental protection, Member States can enhance the effectiveness of Renewable Acceleration Areas in expediting the shift towards a sustainable energy future. 

Read our Consultation Response in PDF.

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