Our future is carbon negative: A CCS roadmap for Romania

Authors: Ashenafi D. Erena, George-Radu Filip, Erlend Fjøsna, Jonas Helseth, Eivind Hoff, Carolina Perez-Garcia, Florina-Petruta Filip, Derek Taylor, Gøril Tjetland, Constantin Sava, Keith Whiriskey

Publisher: The Bellona Foundation

This report has been published by the Bellona Foundation to fuel the debate in Romania on how to meet its emission and energy challenge. The report shows Romania’s unique potential to become CO2 negative, by not only producing electricity in a CO2-neutral way but actually absorbing already emitted CO2 from the atmosphere.

It is the result of one year work in Romania as well as in-house. The Bellona Foundation would like to thank the Global CCS Institute and other sponsors of the Bellona Environmental CCS Team (BEST) for their generous support. The BEST team is led by Paal Frisvold and chaired by Frederic Hauge.

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