Bush advisor: Hydrogen is the answer

Publish date: August 7, 2000

Bob Walker, George W. Bush' senior technology advisor argue that hydrogen is the solution to The United States energy crisis, and the Republicans response to the environmental challenges.

Walker, who is board member in the Hydrogen company DHC Technology, tells that he as a member of the Congress only met laughter when he first supported the idea of Hydrogen as energy carrier. Today, the largest car manufacturers are developing hydrogen cars for large scale production. Walker had seat in the Congress in the period 1976-1996. “The republicans should be more willing to take a closer look at this, because it is our response to the environmental challenge,” says Walker to ZDNet News. Bob Walker is senior technology advisor for Texas governor and republican president candidate G. W. Bush. Walker says he has not officially promoted hydrogen technology in the election campaign, but he is intending to do so.

The Bush advisor has a vision of a sci-fi future with hydrogen as fuel and an expanded space program. However, he argues that the government role should be kept at a minimum level. Nevertheless, he argues that the technology will flower under Bush as president, due to tax credit on research and development.

Earlier this year, the Democratic president candidate Al Gore relaunched his 1992 book, “Earth in the Balance”. In the new preface, Al Gore argues that the internal combustion engine should be abolished within 17 years. Chairman Nicholson of the Republicans stated that the book is “the manifesto of an extremist”.

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