Fuel cell mass production from next year

Publish date: August 10, 2000

The fuel cell technology are now moving out from the laboratories an into the production halls. DCH Technology starts building a factory that will produce fuel cells on a large scale from next year.

DCH Technology Inc say they will build a 2000 m2 factory for high volume production of fuel cells. The plant is designed so it can be quickly enlarged to 7500m2. DCHT’s fuel cell system “Enable”, is designed for the commercial market as well as military use and portable and stationary systems that costs millions of dollar. The fabric will be build at Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. The intention is to start production during the first quarter of 2001. “We have repeatedly said that we will be the first who brings the fuel cells out to ordinary people, and this is a big step toward this goal.” says DCHT chairman D.P. Habermann in a press release from the company. DCHT’s fuel cell technology is developed and patented by Los Alamos National Laboratory, and is a PEM fuel cell. The fuel cell stacks from DCH is a cylinder, and do not need any active cooling, compression of air or moistening.

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