Algerian companies can participate in Shtokman project

Publish date: March 13, 2006

In the frames of “Gazprom” representatives’ visit to Algeria, the sides agreed on Memorandum of understanding between “Gazprom” and Algerian “Sonatrak”.

The sides agreed on joint implementation of oil and gas projects in Russia, Algeria and the third countries. “We are interested in cooperation in this sphere, taking into account decades of Algerian experience in work in oil and gas sector. We do not deny that Algeria can take part in establishing sites of natural gas liquefaction in Russia”, – head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller said.

The Memorandum is planned to be signed the next week during a meeting of the companies’ chiefs in Moscow. “Gazprom” is disappointed by several offers of potential partners, connected with the Shtokman field implementation and LNG plant building, reported. “Gazprom” promised to announce the final participants of the Shtokman project in the end of March – beginning of April. There can be other companies then in the short-list, responsible for marketing and LNG selling.

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