Peking tries to replace oil and gas with renewable energy

Publish date: October 13, 2006

Chairman of organization Committee of the conference Randy Stratton has mentioned that nowadays 160 billion liters of biofuel is being produced in the world, but this amount is not enough for full energy supply for the world. 20 million dollars investment into world projects of renewable energy development is expected in 2006-2007. году. World production of ethanol is to grow by 18% annually, Rusenergy reported.

More than 300 representatives from scientific centers, governmental organizations and largest corporations from the USA, Great Britain, France, China, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, India, Indonesia, Australia, Germany and other countries participate in this conference. CIS countries are presented by such companies as Soda-Chlorate Ltd (Russia) and Muruvaat-Agrosanoat (Uzbekistan).

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