Bellona’s programme in Copenhagen Des 16th

Publish date: December 15, 2009

Altogether 64 side events will be held in the Bellona Room at Bella Centre during the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Among today's events, there will be a briefing on the status of the US climate change legislation.

All open side events will be streamed live here, and can be found in the archive.

09.30-11.00: NGO Briefing: Status of US Climate Change Legislation

Co-host: NWF

11.15-12.45: Facing the Challenges: Climate Change adaption in the greater Himalayas.


13.00-14.00: Russian Nuclear expansion and climate change

16.30-17.00: Profitable Climate Solutions – in a National and Global Context

Co-host: National Wildlife Federation

17.00-18.00: Carbon Mitigation Strategies – Aspen and Colorado and Beyond

18.00-19.30: Forest Society and Forest Citizenship in the land of Chico Mendes

Co-host: National Wildlife Federation

19.30-20.30: The Business Case for Climate Solutions

Read comprehensive presentations of all side events in the Bellona Room at Bella Centre in Copenhagen here.

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