Getting ready for the climate summit in Cancun

Publish date: November 27, 2010

The two-week-long climate summit in Cancun, Mexico, starts this Monday. Bellona will be present for the entire period, holding about 20 various workshops in the Bellona Room.

Close to 200 countries are expected to participate in the climate negotiations, and a total of more than 15,000 representatives from governments, business, NGOs, and media are now preparing to head for the climate summit in Cancun, Mexico.

This United Nations climate change conference is being held from November 29 to December 10. It includes the sixteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 16), as well as the sixth conference of countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol (CMP 6).

The Bellona Room

Bellona will be going to Cancun with representatives from several of our offices: Bellona Europa in Brussels, Bellona St. Petersburg, and Bellona´s head office in Oslo.

“The Bellona Room” will be located next to the Norgwegian delegation´s room in Moon Palace in Cancun. Here, Bellona will  organise a range of meetings, press briefings, and workshops.

Together with Global CCS Institute, National Wildlife Federation, and other organisations, Bellona will be conducting workshops on subjects ranging from CO2 capture and storage to carbon-negative energy and the US Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Download program for Bellona room.

Lord Stern and other dignitaries

Among the speakers expected to headline the workshops in the Bellona Room will be Lord Nicholas Stern, the professor behind the famous Stern Review, Kunihiko Shimada, the principal negotiator for the Japanese delegation, and Adrian Fernandez, the director of the Mexican Environment Ministry.

Organisations like the Natural Resource Defense Council, World Resources Institute, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental will also take part in the workshops.

Bellona’s representatives will talk about subjects such as the effects of black carbon emissions in the Artic, the Sahara Forest Project, CO2 capture and storage, and carbon-negative energy.

101 Solutions

At the summit in Copenhagen last year, Bellona presented for the first time its 101 Solutions report – a compendium of a hundred and one ways to help combat global warming. Bellona’s 101 Solutions report shows that there already exists a wide range of solutions to the problems we are facing. The biggest challenge is to make the politicians act.

This solutions-oriented approach to the fight against climate change will be the base for our work at the Cancun meeting as well.

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