Bellona at COP24

Publish date: December 3, 2018

Bellona is present with several events and staff in Katowice.

Date Time Topic Location Bellona involvement
Dec 5 12.15-13.15 Zero emission construction sites Nordic pavilion Co-organiser and speaker
Dec 6 12.15-14.15 Marine biomass Nordic pavilion Speaker
Dec 6 15.00-16.30 Industry decarbonisation Warmia. (Official UN side event) Co-organiser and moderator
Dec 12 16.30-18.00 CCS-demystifying negative emissions EU pavilion. Room Brussels Co-organiser and speaker
Dec 14 10.30-12.00 Empowered citizens and cities driving the energy transition EU pavilion Co-organiser and speaker


Bellona staff participates in several ways in Katowice. They are present the following weeks:

Week 49:

Olav Øye, Coordinator and Senior Adviser, CO2 capture and storage,

Jonas Helseth, Director Bellona Europa,

Anders Karlsson-Drangsholt, Senior Adviser Aquaculture,

Christian Eriksen, Senior Adviser Energy,

Jan-Justus Andreas, Policy Manager Industry Bellona Europa,

Week 50:

Keith Whiriskey, Deputy Director, Bellona Europa,

Teodora Serafimova, Policy Manager Electro-Mobility,

Mark Preston Aragonès, Policy Assistant Electro-Mobility, Bellona Europa,


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