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Publish date: November 27, 2019

This year we will be once again contributing to the UN Climate Change Conference which will be held in Madrid. Here is an overview of our events.

This year we will be once again contributing to the UN Climate Change Conference which will be held in Madrid. Bellona organises and is part of 5 official side event of COP25, setting up a platform for important conversations around Carbon Capture and Storage for Cities, Decarbonisation of the Shipping and Aviation sector. These topics have been at the core of Bellona’s work for years now and we look forward to discussions with other experts in these fields.

Below you can find an overview of our events as well as the date, time and location.

Unlocking Clean Growth Opportunities for Energy and Materials
December 4th, 12.00-13.30 | Spanish Pavilion

Globally, the demand for low-carbon electricity and low-carbon materials is expected to dramatically increase in order to avoid soaring emissions in the context of an increase in standards of living and population. Measures lie in energy efficiency, electrification, cleaning up industrial processes, hydrogen production, CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS), etc. Representatives from different low-carbon sectors will debate on potential emission-reduction pathways, and how to upscale from single regions to large-scale solutions.

Carbon Removal and Return –Can CCS Decarbonise Industry in South America and help the oceans?
December 4th, 16.45-18.15 | Room 4

Starting from direct air capture with CCS the panel will analyse the correlation within Ocean acidification and CO2 removal, recycling and return with CCS, opportunities for tech transferand sustainable jobs from BECCS in South America.

Cities: The Clean Industrial Hubs of the Future
December 6th, 12.30-13.30 | Nordic Pavillion

The event will focus on the role cities will play in building and supporting the industry of the future. By procuring low-carbon materials and investing in low-carbon infrastructure, cities can drive climate action in industries such as cement, steel and waste management. Finding solutions for sustainable production and consumption (SDG 12) in cities will provide key contributions to global climate action.

Sailing to Zero: Solutions for Clean Shipping
December 9th, 14.00-15.00 | Nordic Pavillion

Maritime transport is responsible for about 2.5% of global GHG emissions and could grow by about 50% to 250% by 2050. Additionally, shipping contributes significantly to harmful air pollution in port cities. We see COP25 as a great opportunity to contribute with a slot on the decarbonisation of shipping, gathering key players from the shipping sector who will present their work and current developments which pave the way for zero emission shipping.
You can find the agenda here.

Sahara Forest Project
December 10th, 9.30-10.30

The Sahara Forest Project is greening desert areas and creating new jobs through production of food, water and clean energy.

The Norwegian non-profit organization is turning awareness-raising and advocacy into action by realizing Water-Energy-Food Nexus facilities in dry countries. SFP in Jordan uses saltwater, sunlight, desert areas and CO2 to produce food, freshwater, biomass and clean energy. This side event will feature a global premiere of a short film about the ongoing work, and highlight the public-private initiative to scale up the unique desert project.

Bellona Staff will be present during the two weeks of COP25:

Week 1:

Jonas Helseth, Director Bellona Europa

Keith Whirskey, Deputy Director

Martin Sveinssønn Malvær, Senior Advisor Industry

Daniela De Lorenzo, Communications Manager

Irini Vafiadis, Policy Assistant Mobility

Week 2 :

Frederic Hauge, Founder and General Manager

Jonas Helseth, Director Bellona Europa

Christina Ianssen, Senior Advisor Maritime

Mark Preston Aragonès, Policy Advisor

Theo Mitchell, Senior Advisor

Daniela De Lorenzo, Communications Manager


Get in touch with our communications manager Daniela De Lorenzo for more information.

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