Enabling solutions for the climate emergency: Bellona’s presence at COP27

Publish date: October 14, 2022

The 27th edition of the climate change conference starts in just a few weeks in Sharm El-Sheikh. Following a long tradition of presence at COP, starting with its first iteration in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Bellona will once again have a pavilion at the two-week event this year. 

Uniting colleagues from the Oslo, Berlin and Brussels Bellona offices, our presence at COP27 will be an opportunity to bring stakeholders from industry, governments, and civil society together to book concrete progress on climate mitigation.  

Bellona’s pavilion will champion enabling solutions for the climate emergency. Our presence will revolve against three key words: accelerate, scale, collaborate. Packed into an intense two weeks, this will be a boost for our day-to-day work on advocacy to accelerate funding and legal frameworks around decarbonisation, the many projects we are involved in that demonstrate scalability, and our efforts to bring wide ranges of stakeholders to the table to get solutions off the ground. 

Our team on the ground will be organising a set of events ranging from how to best decarbonise industry or the role of finance in the energy transition, to the ways in which hydrogen should be produced and used. Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and the importance of accounting for carbon correctly will equally take an important place in the events that will be held in the pavilion. Projects like the Sahara Forest and the Ocean Forest projects will also be showcased, demonstrating concrete, actionable solutions that Bellona is actively participating in. 

To engage with the many stakeholders whose constructive participation is necessary to advance in implementing credible climate solutions, we would like to invite those present at COP to actively seek us out to continue or initiate dialogue with us over the many subjects we will cover. 

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