Holding oil and gas producers accountable

Publish date: November 2, 2023

Call to support Article 18 of the Net-Zero Industry Act introducing a mandatory, individual contribution of oil and gas producers to the Union-wide target for available CO2 injection capacity

On October 30, 2023, alongside several NGOs, we sent a letter to the Deputy Permanent Representatives of EU Member States and the officials responsible for the Net-Zero Industry Act. It urged support for Article 18 within the Net-Zero Industry Act, which proposes a mandatory, individual contribution from oil and gas producers to the Union-wide CO2 injection capacity target, based on their production share. The letter stressed the importance of holding the oil and gas sector accountable for their emissions and emphasised the significance of Extended Producer Responsibility principles. It recognised that the market has failed to provide CO2 injection capacity in the EU and supported the idea of requiring contributions from oil and gas producers to relieve pressure on public finances. The organisations urged EU Member States to ensure industry compliance and introduce penalties for non-compliance. The letter also criticised the oil and gas sector for hindering progress in carbon capture and storage, expressing concern about attempts to weaken or delete Article 18. It called for the EU to make the sector pay for their contribution to addressing emissions and ensuring CO2 injection capacity.

Read the letter here: CSO open letter on O&G contribution Net Zero Industry Act

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