Press Release – Grid Action Plan is the first step towards crucial infrastructure planning for European Grids

Publish date: November 29, 2023

The European Commission published its Grid Action Plan on the 28th of Tuesday at the PCI Energy days. The grid action plan serves as a constructive starting point, emphasising the importance of positioning the grid at the centre of the energy conversation in Europe. This plan focuses on overcoming key challenges in expanding, digitalising, and optimising the EU’s electricity transmission and distribution grids. The aim is to facilitate a quicker and broader rollout while enhancing the efficiency of the electricity grid.  

«The Grid Action Plan is a positive move by the European Commission, demonstrating initiative and emphasising the significance of grids in the energy transition. While certain aspects are missing from the Action Plan, it’s crucial to build on these efforts and ensure prompt implementation in the near future»

Ganni Vassallo

Policy Advisor, Electricity Grids

The Grid Action Plan clearly states actions that address bottlenecks and shows guidance on creating a financial environment for investments, primarily through anticipatory investments. However, the Plan fails to tackle other areas that are essential to enable decarbonisation through the expansion of renewables. 

Our three main asks:

  • Ensure that this initiative and guidance turns into concrete action in the coming decade.
  • Build on the prediction of increased electrification and consequent additional electricity demand by setting clear objectives for direct electrification to provide regulatory certainty.
  • The regulator’s mandate should be aligned with the broader decarbonisation goals. For more insights on this, refer to our policy brief.

Read our press release here:

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