Bellona at COP28

We will be present at COP28. Come meet us at the “Storytelling for Action” Pavilion in the Blue Zone. 

On this page, you will find all relevant news and publications regarding our goals and asks for COP28!

Don’t miss any of our events! Check out Bellona’s agenda for COP28!

Meet our COP28 delegation

Here’s a list of our colleagues that will be present at COP
Cathrine Ringstad, Senior Advisor CCS 
Mats Rongved, Advisor CCS 
Sunniva Furset, Communications Advisor 
Lina Strandvåg Nagell, Senior Manager Projects & EU Policy 
Christian Eriksen, Chief Academic Officer 
Eivind Berstad, Team Leader CCS 
Marta Lovisolo, Senior Policy Advisor Renewable Energy Systems 
Luisa Keßler, Policy Advisor Sustainable Hydrogen Economy 
Jonas M. Helseth, Director Bellona Europa 
Mark Preston Aragonès, Policy Manager Carbon Accounting 
Amrei Milch, Public Affairs & Communications Specialist 
Ganni Vassallo, Policy Advisor 
Ariane Giraneza, Climate Policy Manager Industrial Decarbonisation NL-BE-NRW 
Francesco Lombardi Stocchetti, Policy Advisor Sustainable Finance & Economy 
Hallstein Havåg, CEO 
Frederic Hauge, Founder 

Bellona Pavilion: Where to find us

Climate Bonds Cafe at COP28 podcast powered by Bellona Europa

As COP28 kicks off, we’ve joined forces with Climate Bonds Initiative to share news, updates, and interesting discussions from Dubai! Our first episode at the COP Cafe features Solitaire Townsend from Futerra, sharing insights on why storytelling for action is indispensable for this event.

In this episode of Climate Bonds Cafe with Bellona Europa, Senior Advisor Olav Øye tells us of the history of COP, its importance, its controversies, and its most significant outcomes.

COP stands out as one of the most prominent, significant, and debated occasions on the climate calendar. With a portion opting to boycott the Dubai event, we take a moment to discuss with Bellona CEO Frederic Hauge to understand the reasons behind our continued participation.

In this episode, we’re accompanied by Fabio Passaro, a Policy Analyst from Climate Bonds’ Transition Programme, who provides insights into the experience of being in Dubai for this significant event. What might not be environmentally friendly today, we aspire to transform tomorrow.

In this edition of the Climate Bonds Cafe at COP28, Elena Bonfiglio, policy analyst at the European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition gives us some insights on how discussions are going at the negotiations table.

Brazil is 7th biggest global emitter of greenhouse gas, and is in need of science-based recommendations to tackle these emissions and engage in an ambitious transition! This edition of Climate Bonds Cafe gives us some insights on this important topic.

How can we achieve a sustainable future while guaranteeing financial, environmental, and societal stability? Ariane Giraneza shares her view in this edition of Climate Bonds Cafe.

Scientific findings on climate mitigation and advocacy are sometimes difficult to share with wider audiences, and sometimes risk being lost in political talks. Katherine Romanak from the University of Texas shares some insights on how to communicate climate science in public forums, like COP.

COP is the number one forum for climate conversations, but do all nations have the same opportunity to speak up? Co-founder of Climate Action Platform for Africa (CAP-A), Carlijn Nouwen, talks about empowering Africa.

Our Senior Policy Advisor Marta Lovisolo gives us insights on renewables and the need to facilitate its scaling-up.

How will this edition of COP end? Pietro Candia, Analyst at Forefront Advisers shares his views on how the negotiations are going, and what the next few days hold…

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