CCS Market Incentives Report

Authors: Keith Whiriskey, Ivan Pearson

Publisher: Bellona Europa, Bellona Foundation

The CCS Market Incentives Report has been prepared by the Bellona Foundation to fuel the debate on ways to incentivize CO2 Capture and Storage in the European Union. The Report looks at ways of effectively incentivizing CCS demonstration and deployment in the EU. It presents and evaluates over a dozen policy options in terms of how well they cater to the needs of society and industry, as well as how they have been deployed in the energy sector to date. As well as examining ways of reducing technology costs, this report also looks at how policy design could facilitate industry investment decisions with as little extra cost to society as possible. It pays special attention to the politico-economic context within the EU, where parallel layers of governance can sometimes complicate the design and administration of energy policies, and blur institutional lines of responsibility. Its final objective is to provide clear and practical recommendations to decision makers operating at both the EU and Member State levels for the necessary reform of the current CCS policy framework within the Union.

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