Consultation Response: Response to the Call for Evidence on the new product priorities for Ecodesign for Sustainable Products (ESPR)

We welcome this Call for Evidence on the product priorities for the ESPR and the ongoing work to ensure that the EU policy framework reflects the true cost of all products. As noted in our consultation response to the Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI), it’s important to further initiatives that we strengthen sustainability across a wide range of instruments and make both the environmental and climate impacts of products visible.  

We take note of the Joint Research Centre’s preliminary assessment regarding product priorities. Our feedback focuses on the 7 intermediary products identified in this assessment: Iron and Steel; Non-Ferrous Metals; Aluminium; Chemicals; Plastic and Polymers; Paper, Pulp Paper and Boards; Glass. With both considerable CO2 footprints and mitigation potential, it is paramount that these large product groups and industries are given first priority.  

Read our Consultation Response:

Consultation Response on the new products priorities of ESPR

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