Embodied Carbon Terms of Reference Report – Establishing a common framework of understanding for low-carbon construction materials in Europe

What truly is “low-carbon”?

We keep hearing that, to align with the EU decarbonisation goals, society needs to switch to “low-carbon” products. This, of course, also applies to construction products. But a common definition of what a “low-carbon” material is, is missing. Bellona set out to provide a framework that allows for a common understanding of embodied carbon in general, and low-carbon construction products in particular.

We have written a foundational “Terms of reference” report, which is a comprehensive review of the technical and political aspects of embodied carbon in construction products, focusing on cement and steel, which are two of the most carbon-intensive materials due to their traditional production processes.

Find the full report as a Notion webpage here.

Find the full report here, in PDF version below.

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