Joint Briefing by Zero Waste Europe and Bellona: Recycled Carbon Fuels in the Renewable Energy Directive

The revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) includes fuels which are produced from waste streams of non-renewable origin, also known as “recycled carbon fuels”. This means that fuels derived from non-renewable wastes such as plastic, rubber, gaseous wastes etc., could be promoted through transport targets and support schemes.

In the briefing, Zero Waste Europe and Bellona call on the European Commission to develop a set of robust environmental criteria that ensure the impacts of these fuels are accounted for properly and on member states to refrain from endorsing these fuels before those criteria are put in place.

For more information, contact:

Janek Vahk

Ana Serdoner

Turning plastics into fuels is just another form of fossil hydrocarbon refining. Credit: Bellona

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