Quick scan on the carbon removal potential in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the North Sea Canal Area

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is the physical, permanent, and net removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere and is an integral part of the net-zero transition. With this in mind, the City of Amsterdam commissioned South Pole and Bellona Europa to produce a report to map and assess the potential for CDR in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the North Sea Canal Area.

The report summarises the general role of CDR in climate action, provides a general assessment of various processes relevant to the removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere, and indicates the potential of CDR deployment in the Amsterdam area in 2030 and 2050.

Along with the analysis, the report provides recommendations on the next steps for the City of Amsterdam:

  • Address the end-of-waste regulation, which must be streamlined to facilitate the capture of both biogenic and non-biogenic CO₂.
  • Comprehensively identify and quantify the opportunities for the capture, transport and storage of biogenic emissions and for the use of standalone CDR solutions.
  • Explicitly address the role of CDR envisaged in municipal and regional climate strategies.
  • Set a CDR-specific target to catalyse investment in and development of CDR activities.
  • Take an active role in innovation, e.g. by showcasing demonstrations and pilots.
  • Convene a multi-stakeholder group to inform a CDR deployment roadmap.
  • Advocate with other Dutch and international cities for national CDR policies and funding.
  • Convene a citizen assembly on removals to start building social legitimacy.

Download the report here:

221129_Amsterdam CDR_Report

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