REDII Revision Position Paper

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) will be the legislative cornerstone for emission reductions in many sectors. It plays a major role in deploying additional renewable electricity generation and ensuring that other renewable energy vectors are substantially reducing emissions compared to their fossil counterparts.

Reaching 2030 and 2050 climate goals is heavily dependent on the rollout of additional renewable electricity generation. Not only is this development vital for emission reductions in the power sector, but also for other sectors in which direct electrification is expected to be the major driver of emission reductions.

Given this context, it is imperative that the RED reflects the ambition set out in the 2030 target. By setting a clear legislative guidepost, the RED can significantly contribute to climate change mitigation. Setting up the right framework for such Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and deployment can prevent adverse effects, such as excessive biomass consumption, the continued use of fossil electricity sources or false accounting.

Find the position paper here:


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