‘Shipping Goes Electric’: a magazine by the Bellona Foundation

Authors: Bellona

Publisher: Bellona

Today, the Bellona Foundation launched its own shipping magazine. From battery electric hybrid vessels and shore power developments, to shipbreaking on Asian beaches and plastic pollution in fish: Bellona explores the environmental solutions at seas.

The magazine updates on the environmental challenges we face today, and the solutions to tackle these, as it brings us on a journey through oceans and fjords. More specifically, you will find more about:

  • Electric ships: The electric maritime revolution
  • NorShipping: NorShipping’s green director
  • Ocean plastic: Oceans of plastic
  • Shipbreaking: The dark side of shipping
  • Cruise Tourism: How to save the fjords
  • Fish Farming: Vessels go electric
  • Shore power: Making the harbor a green juncture
  • Heavy Fuel Oil: Say no to HFO in the Arctic
  • Salmon Freight: From wheel to keel

Read the full magazine here (in English and Norwegian).


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