Solving the climate puzzle with CCS

Authors: Marika Andersen, Joanna Ciesielska, Jonas Helseth, Øyvind Rinbø, Teodora Serafimova, Keith Whiriskey

Publisher: Bellona Europa

A brochure for policy-makers that outlines the variety of roles CCS plays in tackling climate change.

A massive expansion of renewable and regenerative energy is imperative to halt runaway climate change. As is a steep reduction of ener­gy demand through energy efficiency investments, energy storage and smarter infrastructure. But we know this will not be enough. A massive and swift deployment of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) is also required.

The IPCC 5th Assessment Report states beyond doubt that CCS is crucial and that Bio-CCS – the combination of CCS and sustainable bioenergy that can achieve negative emissions – will be necessary to compensate for the emission cuts we are already failing to make in time.

CO2 emissions are the greatest threat to our climate. CCS must pro­vide the bridge between our current condition and our destination of a low-carbon society. For several energy-intensive industries, CCS is the only available technology to reduce emissions sufficiently in the foresee­able future. Yet until we roll-out CCS on a large scale, power plants and industrial production facilities, old and new, continue to fill the atmosphere with CO2.

CCS:_Solving the climate puzzle for industry and energy

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