Bellona Europa Launches Campaign to Inform on CCS´ Role in a Green and Just Transition   

Publish date: June 1, 2023

In the past years, the momentum for CCS has grown exponentially. Nearly all modelling scenarios towards EU climate neutrality highlight the key role of CO2 capture, transport and storage. Nevertheless, we find that there is still a great need to inform, raise awareness and bring nuance to current discussions on CCS´ role in the green and just transition.  

CCS is not a silver bullet solution but crucial for the decarbonisation of heavy industry with little to no other options for decarbonising. While several carbon capture and storage projects are under way in the EU, current rates of project development and deployment are insufficient to meet the needs for net-zero by 2050. The aim is within reach if the necessary steps are taken to facilitate the investment appeal of the full value chain of CO2 capture, storage and transport to storage. 

With different key milestones such as the NZIA, the CCUS Forum and the CCUS Strategy underway in the coming months and year, this campaign is all the more important to inform and address concerns and questions that stakeholders may have about CCS as a tool to decarbonise heavy industry.  

Our campaign will showcase various CCS projects under development, highlighting the technologies’ viability, feasibility, and quality, as well as identify the developments needed to reach climate neutrality goals. It will also explore the potential for CCS to contribute to a just transition by addressing where and how CCS can best positively impact jobs and communities.  

The campaign will work to dispel myths and misconceptions circulating about the technologies,  which is currently hindering the overall development of CCS in sectors where it is indispensable.  

By working with a range of different stakeholders to raise awareness and address persisting concerns, we can help unlock the full potential of CCS. 

This campaign is an extension of Bellona´s recent work on campaigns focusing on promoting a modern, clean, secure, and smart infrastructure for CCS in Europe. The TEN-E and TEN-T campaign, organised together with Clean Air Task Force, played a crucial role in raising awareness for CCS and the importance of a harmonised legal framework across the full CCS value chain to achieve the European Green Deal’s goal of climate neutrality. 

What to expect? The CCS campaign will be a channel through which Bellona and other relevant stakeholders inform and raise awareness via interviews of carbon capture and storage specialists, easy-to-scan explainers, infographics, articles, events and workshops for policymakers, industry leaders and environmental groups, and much more! Stay up to date with this campaign to learn about the potential of CCS and its role in meeting the EU’s emissions reduction targets. 

Join us on Twitter and engage with our campaign using the hashtag #CCS4NetZeroIndustry. 

In this interview, we sit down with Jonas Helseh, the Director of Bellona Europa, who sheds light on the crucial role of CCS, and why it is essential to decarbonise heavy industries with limited alternatives when curbing process emissions.

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